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DRS was created in 2007 as a small business by Sam and Carrie Arnold. Since then, we have helped law firms in over 30 states grow their Eminent Domain client base by offering direct marketing services and strategies relating to all types of transportation, pipeline, utility, and redevelopment projects. Because of our affordable, superb service, attention to detail, and accurate data, DRS continues to grow consistently. We are always expanding the services and products we offer, and we are open to tailoring those products and services to meet any specific needs.


Founder & CEO

Research & Data

Carrie Arnold started Data Research Solutions in early 2007 after doing the same type of research part time while working her way through college at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. 


After graduation, Carrie moved to Phoenix, AZ where she married her husband, Sam. There, she started Data Research Solutions and has successfully grown Data Research Solutions into what it is today. Carrie focuses on project and client research. 


Head of Marketing

& Consulting

Sam Arnold has more than 20 years of sales, sales management, marketing, and client development experience in multiple industries. 


Since 2010 Sam has focused his business experience on the marketing and growth of Data Research Solutions since 2010, as well as consulting law firms in marketing strategies. DRS is currently active in over 30 States working with firms of all sizes.





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