MARKETING DATA: DRS offers everything you need to successfully contact and obtain potential eminent domain clients on a project-by-project, as needed, basis. There are never any long-term contracts or subscription charges.


CONSULTING: Our company’s mission reaches well beyond providing research and marketing data for our clients. We sincerely want to see maximum results from your marketing efforts by sharing proven cost effective strategies from our years of nationwide experience. The relationships we've built with our clients has provided us with invaluable marketing knowledge established on successful marketing feedback. Data Research Solution’s success relies on our services being valuable and result driven, so we are eager to partner however needed in order achieve your firm’s marketing goals. Let us help you put together a time-sensitive marketing plan utilizing some of the following:

  • Cost effective options

  • Targeted parcel mailings

  • Blanket mailings

  • Website 

  • Seminars

DESIGN: This new service allows us to help design beautiful mailings to send to your potential clients.

MAILINGS: Let us print your materials, stuff the envelopes, and apply the postage!


PROJECT RESEARCH: With almost 10 years of experience researching upcoming projects involving land acquisition, using current State, County, and City budgets, websites, and news articles, we are quick to identify which projects will be worth everyone's time, making sure there is substantial land acquisition with a healthy timeline for marketing. We are comfortable navigating Department of Transportation websites and plan sites, as well as State and Federal Utility Commission sites, finding the necessary documents to complete our research.

      We offer initial project locating research at no charge.


DATA PACKAGES: After obtaining the project maps, we identity each affected property. By using multiple property database resources, our data is guaranteed to be current and accurate. We provide everything needed to successfuly durect market to affected property owners. Packages include:

  • Project summary detailing each project's acquiring authority, description of work being done, timeline, and land acquisition.

  • Maps of each project showing the right of way takings.

  • Spreadsheet containing all affected parcels' ID number, address, owner/business name and mailing address, property zoning and size, and the type of taking.

  • Two sets of mailing labels.

  • DVD containing all of the above in electronic form to assist with map viewing, mailings, and sorting.


    Additional Services available upon request include:

  • Individual, personalized parcel maps.

  • Tenant names and mailing addresses.

  • Custom owner list spreadsheet layout.

  • Registered Agent name and mailing address for commercial properties






With no contracts or monthly billing, our flexible pricing is assessed on a project-by-project basis using a flat rate per parcel affected. A project proposal can usually be submitted within 48 hours of request.